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  In winter the weather in England is often very cold. In spring and autumn there are sometimes cold days, but there are also days when the weather is warm. The weather is usually warm in summer. It is sometimes hot in summer, but it is not often very hot. There are often cool days in summer.


  When the temperature is over 27℃, English people say it is hot. When the temperature is about 21℃, they say it is warm.


  In the north of Europe it is very cold in winter. In the south of Europe the summer is often very hot. In the south of Spain(1) and in North Africa(2) the summer is always hot.


  Water freezes(3) at 0℃. When water freezes, it changes from a liquid(4) into ice. Water boils(5) at 100℃. When water boils, it changes from a liquid into steam(6).




  (1)Spain/speIn/n. 西班牙










  (6)steam/sti:m/ n.蒸汽


  1.What is the weather like in summer in England?


  A.Very hot. B.Warm. C.Cool. D.Both A and C.


  2.What do you think "the north of Europe" means?


  A.A part of a country. B.The capital of Europe.


  C.A country in the north of Europe.


  D.A part of Europe.


  3.When water freezes, it changes from_____into_____.


  A.water, ice B.water, steam


  C.steam, ice, water


  4.The writer wants to tell us something about______.


  A.the weather in Europe B.the weather in England


  C.some knowledge of the temperature


  D. three states of water


  答案:1-4 DDAC












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